Spark plugs are a component of your vehicle to make it run smoothly and efficiently. It is a device used in internal combustion engines. The spark plugs are positioned at the top of the cylinder of your vehicle, where the air to fuel ratio is then compressed. The tip of the plug is placed inside the engine, and is lowered into the side of the cylinder wall. The other end remains outside of the engine and is attached to a wire that is connected to the distributor.



The spark plugs are the component that starts your vehicle’s engine. They ignite a mixture of air and fuel in your vehicle’s combustion engine in order to start it. Without spark plugs, your engine will not start. With older spark plugs, they may start to show signs of wear by not starting your engine immediately. Occasionally, you will need to replace the spark plugs, which is usually dependent on the type of vehicle and mileage you have.



There may be signs that the spark plugs are beginning to wear and might need to be replaced soon. You may start to notice that your vehicle idles rough or idles unevenly. This is usually caused from a spark plug misfiring. The vehicle may also begin to stall out. This will get more frequent as the spark plug gets worn down more. A noticeable decrease in your vehicle’s power will also indicate that your spark plugs should be inspected soon. As the spark plugs wear out completely, you will lose the ability to turn over your engine to start it.



It is important to replace your spark plugs as recommended by the manufacturers or mechanics. We can help you determine when the spark plugs need to be replaced, even if your vehicle is not showing signs of difficult starting or operating. As the spark plugs begin to wear, they start misfiring when you drive. If this goes ignored, it can lead to the engine being damaged or breaking down. Poor spark plugs also have an impact on the decrease of fuel efficiency. Both of these can become a large expense over time. By bringing your vehicle in, we can inspect the spark plugs to see the condition they are in.