Typically, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is worse in the winter. This is because of the temperature and weather conditions. There are some things you can do so the fuel efficiency is the best it can be. This can also help to keep the vehicle last as long as possible. A vehicle that is not fuel efficient may have an issue with it that you do not notice. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. Parts and components can be inspected to make sure they are working efficiently and effectively. If there is an issue, we can locate it and advise you on the options to fix it.

Inspect the Tires regularly

One of the most important things to check is the tires. The air pressure should be checked regularly to ensure it is at the correct amount. The air pressure can decrease significantly during the winter months. Tires can lose as much as one pound of air pressure for every temperature decrease of ten degrees. If the tires are under inflated, it can lead to the vehicle producing more energy and wasting more fuel to make up for correcting the tires. The correct air amount can be found in vehicle owner’s manual. It is important to keep the tires at that amount. Not only can it help on the fuel efficiency, but it can also help keep the tires lasting as long as possible. Properly inflated tires can result in them wearing correctly. This can help to avoid the possibility of uneven tread or tire wear. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tires for you. We can check the air pressure, tread amount, and overall condition of them.

Avoid fast starts or fast stops

Another way to help the vehicle get the best mileage possible is to adjust some driving habits you might have. Try to avoid any fast starts or fast stops. This could lead to fuel being wasted when you accelerate too quickly. Instead, try to anticipate stop signs or lights. Slowing down to a stop rather than slamming on the brakes is better for the mileage, brakes, and tires of your vehicle. Also, make sure to drive at the posted speed on the road. Going too fast can be a safety hazard, as well as allowing fuel to be wasted.

Have the vehicle Maintained regularly

One of the most important things you can have done for your vehicle is to have it maintained. This can help to ensure all parts and components are working the best they can be. Going to recommended scheduled maintenances can help the vehicle work efficiently. Having the oil changed is important to help the engine stay lubricated. If the oil is old and contains pollutants, it could lead to damage to the engine. Oil changes are quick and inexpensive tasks that can help save on a costly repair bill to the engine. Make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can help set up a maintenance schedule for your vehicle.