auto-repair-9The engine is the main part of the vehicle. It is the control center for just about everything the vehicle does and helps it to keep running. To help keep the vehicle running efficiently and effectively, you will need to bring it in for regular maintenances. We will inspect parts of the vehicle to make sure they are operating at top performance levels. If you notice an issue starting to form with the vehicle, make sure you bring it in as soon as possible. This way we can fix the issue before it develops into something much worse. Fixing an issue at the first sign can help save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Maintaining the Engine is Important

There are a variety of different fluids that go into the engine to keep it running at its top performance. The oil is crucial to everything running smoothly and is used by just about every system located under the hood, so it should be emptied and replaced by its recommended schedule. The coolant should be changed twice a year at the very least in order to prevent build-up of dirt and contaminants. This is crucial since your vehicle uses combustion to perform, and if the coolant is not functioning properly the vehicle itself can overheat quite easily. The vehicle also has transmission fluid that helps create friction within the engine. As the vehicle runs, this fluid warms up and begins to oxidize, causing it to lose those crucial characteristics.

When to Bring the Vehicle In?

Sometimes engine parts will deteriorate, whether due to lack of care or environmental circumstances. Rusted metal can deteriorate rather quickly, especially when put through the strain that the engine puts on most of its parts. Something as simple as a hole worn into the side of a tube can cause a drastic change in the performance of the engine. This will cause it to stop functioning entirely. A hole can cause a leak of vital fluids or release necessary pressure for the engine to run. When this happens it is important to bring the vehicle in, where replacement parts can be ordered and installed. It is not recommended to try and replace parts of the engine alone or at home without the proper experience or tools.

Inspections can Prolong the Life of the Vehicle

Many people store their vehicles for long periods of time, either due to changing season or because they are going away on vacation. When this is done there are certain precautions one should take to keep the vehicle working at its best when it is taken out. Make sure all the tanks are full of fresh fluids. This includes the oil, coolant, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and that there is still some gas in the tank. To keep the engine running properly someone should stop by once a month, or even every two months, to turn the vehicle on and let it run for a short period of time. This allows the engine to keep from growing stagnant and helps locate any problems that might have developed. It can also allow you to travel efficiently on the roads.