Having the brakes inspected is important. There are several signs you may notice if your vehicle is in need of a brake repair. Some vehicles are equipped with on-board diagnostic computer systems and a warning light may appear when the brakes are in need of servicing. Other signs can be a soft brake pedal or one that almost reaches the floorboard in order for the vehicle to stop, or if the brake pedal is too hard.


Anytime you hear noises as you brake, make sure to pay attention to what it sounds like, and when it most often occurs. The noises can be ticking, clicks, squeals, or grinding noises. These noises can signal any issue from loss of brake fluid, worn brake pads, or warped rotors. It is recommended to have the brakes inspected regularly. This way we can help to notice any signs of wear or deterioration that might have developed. By bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of any noise, you can help to prevent a costly repair bill that might occur by ignoring the noise.


Another sign of an issue can be if the vehicle leaves brake fluid on the pavement as you drive away. This looks like a clear liquid with a brownish tint to it. If at any time you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you. By having it inspected regularly, you can help to maintain the performance and efficiency of the vehicle.