The function of the fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the engine and cylinder chambers. The fuel system is a very simple but important part of your vehicle. The fuel pump will draw the fuel from the tank, have it travel through the fuel lines, and then is delivered through a fuel filter to the injectors. After that, it is delivered to the cylinder chamber for combustion. This process is how your engine runs. If you notice any noises or grindings, you should always alert us when you bring in your vehicle.


The fuel pump is a very important feature for the fuel system. It is usually located near or inside the fuel tank of your vehicle. The purpose of the fuel pump is to push the fuel from the tank to the injectors. This will help your vehicle run properly by making sure the fuel is able to go where it needs to. The second purpose of the fuel pump is to create adequate pressure so that the injectors will also deliver the correct amount of fuel, no matter what the operating conditions are. The pressure from the pump, as well as the flow of the fuel, must both meet the vehicle manufacture’s requirements.


You may be able to notice signs that you will need a new fuel pump for your vehicle. One of the most obvious signs is that your vehicle will not start, or it starts but does not run very long before stalling out. In some ways, it will act like it is out of fuel, even though you will have plenty in the tank. When the fuel pump begins to deliver the engine fuel, your vehicle may make noises but it will not start. You may also notice that your vehicle will have issues climbing hills and might start to misfire at higher speeds. Rust, dirt, and other debris can also make their way into the vehicle’s fuel system. This can potentially clog the fuel filter over time, increasing the chance of damage to the fuel system.


Fuel filters need to function properly in order to make sure the fuel is delivered through the system correctly. If the filter clogs or gets blocked, the fuel pump will have to work harder to pump it past the filter. This can result in damage to the fuel pump. Many vehicles have two filters, one inside the gas tank and one in line to the fuel injectors. It is important to make sure that the filter is inspected and cleaned so that dirt and debris cannot contaminate your fuel and restrict the flow of it. If you notice an issue with your vehicle when you drive, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring it in. This way, we can inspect it for the source of the problem for you.