windshield wipers,Windshield Wipers

Keeping your vehicle well maintained and in the most efficient condition is important. This should also include looking at the windshield wipers. You can notice if the wipers need to be replaced by inspecting them at least once a month. It is ideal to change the wipers every six months to ensure they are in the best condition when you will need to use them.

Remember to clean rubber element every time you fill your gas tank. Remove loose dirt and road grime from the windshield. Always use an ice scraper to remove snow and ice. Using your wipers to de-ice your windshield can damage the blade as well as the entire arm and wiper motor. This can cause you to need to replace the windshield wipers more often.

Never let a chip or crack go unfixed. What looks like a small nick can lead to the entire windshield breaking, which can not only be more expensive to fix, but extremely dangerous if you’re driving when it shatters. Damaged glass can also cut the rubber wiping element of your wiper blades, causing streaking and poor visibility. Fixing chips and cracks immediately is fast and easy and usually covered by your car insurance. If you notice an issue with the windshield wipers, make sure to replace them as soon as possible before the issue gets worse.

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