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You will want your battery to be as efficient as possible, and reliable in winter. In the winter, you will want your vehicle to start when you want to drive somewhere. If you notice that the vehicle is becoming more difficult to start, make sure to contact us and schedule an appointment. We can inspect the battery, alternator, and starter to ensure they are in the best condition possible.


Extreme winter temperatures can reduce the life of your car’s battery. We can be prepared for cold temperatures, and therefore minimize the risk of winter conditions impacting on our motoring. Cold weather inhibits the chemical reaction necessary to make a battery work, which is often the reason you may have trouble starting your car on a cold winter morning. Cold weather together with a lack of car usage, especially over the festive period, every year leads to high numbers of assistance call outs. Keeping your vehicle in a garage when not in use will help to protect the battery from low winter temperatures.


During the cold winter months, the last thing you need is a breakdown due to car battery problems. Your car battery’s ability to charge is also reduced in the cold weather, something to think about when choosing a new car battery. The cold cranking amps, or CCA, stated on your car battery refer to how well it can cope with the cold weather. The higher the CCA, the better it will perform in cold weather conditions.


While it is fact that cold weather can deaden a car’s battery, hot temperatures are if anything even worse, because extreme heat can lead to oxidization which can dramatically reduce its life expectancy. By making sure that the battery is able to hold the charge properly, you can have a reliable vehicle when you need to start it.

If you notice an issue with the vehicle’s battery, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.