Potholes can cause damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle hits a deep pothole in the road you may need to bring your vehicle in. The steering system may misalign, tire might blow, or the rims might bend.

Damage to the vehicle

If you hit a pothole, several parts can become damaged. This should require immediate attention. Call and set an appointment. This way we can inspect the vehicle for you. When you hit potholes, it can cause tire damage. This can be blowing the tire out, wear, or puncture scrape. The rims can also be damaged. When you hit one, you increase the premature wear on shocks and struts. The suspension can also be damaged, causing broken components. The steering you may notice is misaligned. If the vehicle handles differently, call to schedule an appointment. We can check the steering and suspension for your vehicle.

Hitting potholes at high speed

If you hit a pothole at fast or slow speed, your vehicle likely sustained some damage. Some vehicle damage. like a flat tire, is obvious. Other kinds, such as minor misalignment or damaged steering or suspension, aren’t always as clear. Yet, these problems can have long-term, serious effects. If you hit a pothole or suspect pothole damage occurred, however minor it seems, bring your car in as soon as possible for inspection. That way, we can identify and correct the negative effects of pothole damage.

Tire damage to look for

After hitting potholes, you may notice tire damage. The sidewalls can start to bulge. You may also notice scrapes or tiny puncture marks that have damaged the tires. If the rims are aluminum based, they are more susceptible to dents. Also potholes can dent or puncture the undercarriage of your ride. Fluid leaks and wear leading to rust formation can happen. Make sure to drive carefully, to avoid issues with your vehicle. If you do notice something out of the norm, call us. We can schedule an appointment so your vehicle can be inspected. Avoiding potholes can lead to a safer ride.