Tire rotations

Tire rotations are critical for the overall performance of your vehicle. Rotating the tires changes their position on the vehicle from front to back and/or side to side. If you are not sure how often to have tire rotations done, make sure to call us. We can advise you on the correct schedule. By having the tires rotated when recommended, you can help them to last as long as possible.

Why rotations are needed

Tire rotation can preserve balanced handling and help maintain traction. That’s especially important when roads are slick from rain. Many tire manufacturers require regular rotation in order to keep their tire warranties valid. Rotating your tires helps even out tire wear. By allowing every tire to work in each of the vehicle’s four positions, you will promote even wear across the tire tread pattern. That will help prolong the life of the tire.


A tire rotation is recommended every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Even if they don’t show obvious signs of wear, it is best to have it done. Tire rotation is best performed while your vehicle is off the ground, so having it done during an oil change is ideal. With your vehicle on the lift we can also inspect your tires for any damage and uneven wear. We can check the pressure and overall tread depth. Also we can remove any stones or debris from between the treads.

Ideally, all four tires will wear evenly, allowing them to respond equally when driving. Also, when all your tires wear out together, you can replace them with an entire set of new tires, rather than being forced to buy them individually or in pairs. By replacing tires in sets of four, you will maintain the original handling balance. In addition, tire manufacturers are constantly improving their tires. If you are not sure if the tires need to be rotated or replaced, contact us. By having maintenance done now, you can prevent issues in the long run.