Having efficient windshield wipers will help improve your visibility when you drive. This will help to ensure you can see in front of you when driving. If there is an issue with your windshield wipers, it is always best to have it fixed as soon as possible. There are several things that you should be aware of with the windshield wipers. If there is chattering, streaking, or smearing when they operate, it can be a sign new wipers are needed.


You may notice the rubber portion of the blade is peeling away or missing, followed by a screeching sound as the damaged parts drag across the windshield. That sound means you may be permanently scratching your windshield. Regular maintenance and inspection of your wiper blades is important to the condition of your windshield. The wiper blades can easily be cleaned by running a wet towel along the edge of the rubber blade. This will remove dust, dirt, debris, and grime that can build up over time, allowing your wipers to work more efficiently and last longer. While cleaning your wipers, inspect your blades for areas that look hardened, worn, torn, or cracked.


Check the washer fluid level and add fluid if needed. Do not use plain water in your washer system. It may freeze in cold weather, or develop bacteria over the course of a hot summer. Inspect the washer system spray nozzles to make sure they spray evenly across the windshield glass and provide coverage over the entire area that is being cleaned by the wiper blades.


Inspect your wiper blades now, and on a regular basis. Also replace the wipers when necessary. Inspect the operation of your washer system. Add washer fluid when needed, and be sure to maintain the proper mixture. If you are not sure about how often to inspect the windshield wipers, make sure to contact us for a recommendation. We can also replace the wipers for you when their condition deteriorates.