The tires should be well maintained all year long. This includes bringing the vehicle for regular inspections by us. Not only will we look at each tire, but also the spare tire. We will check the oil, fluid levels, and other parts of the vehicle as well. These can range from hoses, belts, brakes, windshield wipers, and just an overall safety inspection. You will want your vehicle to be in top condition, so why not bring it in so we can ensure everything is working properly.

Visual Damage

You will want to look the tires over for any visual damage that you might see. There could be bulges or visual marks on it. If these are ignored, a larger issue might develop. The heat and the sun can also cause the tires to have dry rot. This is because the harsh summer temperatures will dry out the tires, especially if the vehicle sits for a length of time. If you do have to have a vehicle sit for a length of time, make sure to movie it, even if it is just backing the vehicle out and parking it in a new spot.

Scheduled Care

The tires will also need things done based on a regular schedule as well. This should include a tire rotation and an alignment as well. The tires will wear as they operate, so rotating them is crucial to ensure they stay in the best condition possible for you. Over time they will need to be replaced, but you should do everything you can to help them last as long as you can. The alignment will also need to be checked on them. Doing so will also help how they wear. If they are not aligned properly, they will not wear properly either. Properly aligned tires will help save early wear on other parts of your vehicle as well.