In the winter, you will have to allow some extra time to make sure that you have a safe drive. Having the windows scraped and cleared off completely will allow the best visibility possible. If you scrape a small area that you can hardly see out of, you run the risk for an accident to happen. You will want all the windows to be scraped and cleared. This way you can see if a vehicle is coming from one direction or the other. If you do not see them, you could be pulling out into traffic or in front of someone.

Turn on Defrost

One tip is to start your vehicle when you begin to scrape your vehicle. Make sure to turn it to heat and on defrost. This will help to warm up the interior of your vehicle when you are scraping the windows as well. Turn on the rear windshield defrost as well. It is important that you are able to see in front, beside, and behind you when you are driving. Without proper visibility, you increase the chance of an accident occurring when you drive.

Check the Wipers

If there is ice on the windows, check the wipers. You will want to ensure that they are not frozen to the window. If you need to clear the windshield and the wipers are frozen to it, your visibility will be impaired. Check the rubber of the wiper as well, to make sure there is not any build up of ice. If there is ice on the wiper, it can lead to scratches or damage on the windshield when the wipers operate. If you cannot remove the ice, having the defrost running can help get the ice warmed up enough to remove it. Also remember to check the back windshield wiper if your vehicle has one.