When you drive, make sure you can see clearly out of the windshield and all the other windows of your vehicle. If there is a smudge mark, it could reduce your visibility. Also make sure that the windshield is free of any chips, cracks, or divots. If you ignore the issue, they could become larger with time. This could result in a crack that runs the length of the windshield. This can impair your visibility of the road ahead of you. It also makes the windshield weak, and increases the chance of it blowing out. No matter what issues you notice with your vehicle, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it.

Windshield Wipers

Always check the windshield wipers. A good time to replace the wipers is in the spring. During the winter the wipers go across the ice and snow and can easily get damaged. If the rubber part of the blade is deteriorating, then it is time for new ones. Make sure that the wipers are the correct size. If you are not sure what wipers you need, you can check the owners manual or contact us. Also remember to check the rear windshield wiper if your vehicle has one. Wipers can also become brittle from being in the sun, which affects all the wipers. Another sign new wipers are need could be if you see them vibrating against the windshield as they operate.


Along with the wipers, make sure to check the windshield washer fluid. This will help remove road grime and debris from the windshield. The washer fluid is especially needed if there are dry water marks or grime on the windshield. You can also have an extra container in your vehicle so you can add to the washer fluid incase you run out when you are driving.