In order for your vehicle to always be in the best condition, proper maintenance and inspections are required. This means that we can inspect the vehicle, and check everything bumper to bumper. If there is an issue that may be starting, or one that is already existent, we can notice the issue. We can also advise you on what should be done so the part is repaired and able to help your vehicle run properly again. No matter what sound or noise you might hear, it is always best to schedule an appointment, so we can professional look at it, and what the issue might be.


One brake noise you might hear is a grinding noise. This is a typical noise you might hear when the brakes start to go out. As the brake pads wear, they will start to wear against the brake rotors. This metal to metal contact will make the grinding noise you hear. If you ignore it, then the brake rotors will wear down completely as well. This can be notice when you apply the brakes, but the noise goes away as you release the brakes. A grinding or screeching noise may also occur if there is an object in the calipers. A small stone, rock, or gravel is typically the cause of this. This will make the noise even when you are not applying the brakes. The best thing to do is to bring the vehicle in, so we can check and remove it for you. Otherwise there is an increased chance further damage will happen to your vehicle.


You may also notice a rattle noise from the brakes. If the brake pad starts to wear down, this noise can be noticeable. When the noise is constant, you will want to make sure to schedule an appointment with us. By inspecting the vehicle and the brake system, the safety of your vehicle will be improved as well.