Make sure that you and your passengers are safe when you drive on your vacation. You will want to make sure to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance and a bumper to bumper inspection. We can check all the fluids under the hood. Make sure that they are clean and able to keep your vehicle working efficiently. The oil should be changed on a regular basis. This will help lubricate and keep the engine of your vehicle working. If there is not any oil in the vehicle, then you will notice that the engine seizes up and will fail all together. Whenever the oil light illuminates on the dashboard, check the oil. If the oil is leaking, you will want to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible.


Be aware of others on the road as well. You will want to allow yourself adequate distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If they need to slam on the brakes, you will want enough space to respond and apply the brakes as well. If you are pulling a boat, trailer, or anything else, you will need more space. The more weight you are pulling behind the vehicle, the more room you need to stop. Also drive with caution in stop and go traffic. During this is when there is an increased chance of an accident occurring. You will want to be aware of the vehicle in other lanes that are beside you.


Make sure that the headlights and taillights are able to be seen. This way you can see the road ahead of you. Others can see where you are as well. Any oncoming traffic will be able to see your vehicle. Also check the blinkers so others are aware of what direction you plan on turning. If you notice a problem, always make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can check and repair the lights.