With fall weather approaching, now is a great time to bring your vehicle in for a complete bumper to bumper inspection. We can check the parts and components for the vehicle to ensure it is working efficiently. One of the most important things to look at is each tire of the vehicle. Make sure that they are all at the recommended inflation levels. If a tire is low on air, there are several signs that you will notice. You might feel the vehicle starting to pull in one direction or the other. This depends where the low air tire is. Also remember to check the spare tire so it is properly inflated as well. This will help it be dependable incase you need to use it suddenly.

Check Oil this Fall

Check the oil and other fluids for the vehicle. The oil should be changed on a regular basis. It is the lubrication to help keep engine parts operating efficiently and smoothly. Without oil, the engine can seize up completely and fail. This will end up costing you an expensive repair bill in the long run. The oil filter will also need to be inspected and changed. Typically this is done on every other oil change. Depending how often you drive and where you drive, the filter may need to be changed more often. If the oil starts looking like sludge, always schedule an appointment with us to change the oil.


You will want to remember to check the windshield wipers as well. These help clean and clear the windshield so you can see clearly. If the wipers are not working correctly, you cannot see as clearly as you should. If your vehicle has a rear windshield wiper, make sure to inspect and change that at the same time. We can also check the wipers and recommend if a new set is needed.