As you drive this winter, remember to fully remove all the ice, snow, and frost from your vehicle. Doing this before driving is important for the overall safety of you, your passengers, and those around you. If you do not remove any snow and ice from the vehicle’s windows, you will not be able to see properly. You will want to remember to clear away the entire window. Only doing enough to see out of increases your chance of having an accident while driving. You will not be able to see other drivers or those around you.


Also remember to brush and clear off any snow or ice that is physically on your vehicle. Remove this from the hood, roof, and trunk. If you ignore it, the snow can blow up onto your windshield. This can cause whiteout conditions and impair your own visibility. If the snow and ice blows off around you, then it runs the risk of impairing the visibility for others. If there are large chunks of ice or snow, it can damage their vehicle as well. So removing it before driving is important. Also check the lights to make sure that any snow that is on those is also removed.


During the cold winter months, it is a good idea to allow a few extra minutes to let your car warm up. As it does this, it will warm up the interior of your vehicle, as well as the engine. If do so, make sure to turn on the defrost of the vehicle. When you do this, the windshield will warm up, as well as the interior. You will notice that the windshield will get easier to scrape as it warms up. After scraping all the windows, your vehicle’s engine should be warmed up, as well as the interior.