During the spring when snow starts to melt, you will notice an increase in potholes that are on the road. Always make sure that you are aware of the road ahead of you. If there are any objects, debris, or potholes, you will want to avoid these the best that you can. Also make sure that you are aware of vehicles and those around you. You will not want to swerve to miss something, only to end up in the next lane and cause and accident. Always make sure to straddle or avoid hitting the pothole directly with the tires.


If you do hit a pothole, make sure to check the tires right afterwards. This can cause exterior damage and scrapes to them. It may also cause them to lose air pressure almost immediately. It is always best to be on the safe side and check them as soon as you can. If you notice any issues or damage, make sure to contact us. We will be able to check the vehicle and tires for you. If there are any issues, we can have it repaired quickly. Also make sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. We will be able to give the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection, including the tires.


You will also want to have the suspension checked for the vehicle. As it hits a pothole, it can throw the suspension out of alignment. You will first notice any problems by driving over any bumps on the road. Even a small bump will make the vehicle uncomfortable to drive. Do not ignore the issues because over time, the problem will get worse. You will want to have it inspected at the first sign. By doing so, you will help the vehicle to be safe and reliable when driving. It will help you prolong the longevity of the vehicle as well.