Check each tire of your vehicle on a regular basis. This will give you the best indication if there is an issue wrong with it. Having the vehicle brought in for regular maintenance is also important for the overall efficiency of it. You will want to check the owner’s manual to see when the maintenance should be done. Another option is that you contact us. We will be able to recommend a schedule based on your vehicle and how often you drive it. Always be aware of anything out of the norm or odd with your vehicle. This can help prevent a more serious issue if it is caught early on. Even if you do not think it is something major, it is always best to have it inspected.


First check the tires for the amount of air pressure each one has. By having the right amount, they will be able to rotate efficiently for your vehicle. It will also help you to have a smooth and comfortable ride. If the tires are under inflated or over inflated, this can lead to further issues. Make sure that you check the tires after the vehicle has had a chance to sit for some time. If you check the air pressure right after driving, it can give you a false reading.


Next you will want to make sure to check the tread wear of the tires. You may notice an issue if you feel the vehicle pull in one direction or the other as you drive. The vehicle may also be difficult to drive on wet roads. This can result in it hydroplaning. If the tread has worn unevenly, it will be best to bring the vehicle in. We can check to see if a tire rotation may be needed. Also, we can check the alignment of the tires to ensure that you have a comfortable ride.