Extreme heat and humidity this year may mean that the air conditioner in the car suddenly has stopped cooling. If this is something that you have notice, it could be caused by one of a few things. Not only is a poorly working air conditioner a comfort issue, it can quickly turn into a safety issues as well. Without it working, the inside of the vehicle can quickly reach 150 degrees on hot days. Any sign of an issue you notice, make sure to contact us so a professional certified technician can inspect the system.


A common issue is refrigerant that starts to leak. These mostly occur where the air conditioner hose connects. While sometimes these can be found easily, other times we will need to inject dye into the air conditioner. As it operates for several minutes, it will help make spotting the problem area easier. If the leak occurs at a connection point, then a special sealant can be applied to correct this issue.


Other times the problem can be caused by a blocked or clogged condenser. Since most of these are located at the front of the vehicle, it will become easily clogged with dirt and debris from the road. This will prevent it from performing efficiently and cooling the refrigerant after it has heated up in the AC process. If you notice debris, remove it. Otherwise it is always best to let an experienced technician perform an inspection. The condenser is a very complex part, and one wrong poke can lead to replacing the whole thing.


If you notice any issues with the air conditioner or the air not being as cold as it should be, it is best to contact us. With a proper diagnose, we can resolve the issue and help the vehicle to be safe, reliable, and comfortable this summer when driving.