When trying to maximize the fuel mileage, there are several things that can benefit it. With fuel-efficient driving, you will notice the savings starting to add up. One way to improve mileage is to drive at the posted speed limit or below. Fuel is wasted when it is accelerated hard. Instead, make sure to step down on the accelerator gently. Ideally to help get the most out of mileage, it should take about five seconds to accelerate the vehicle to fifteen miles per hour. Maintaining the speed is important as well. If the speeds fluctuate, then the fuel use can increase as much as twenty percent. Using the cruise control can help to keep the speed steady.

Keep a Steady Speed

To help maintain the speed, you can plan and anticipate movements with the vehicle. If there is a slow vehicle ahead, switch lanes when it is safe to do so before getting right behind the slow car. By paying attention to the road ahead, you will be able to see other vehicles and pedestrians from a safe distance. Doing so also helps to save money on fuel mileage for the vehicle.


Also make sure to never slam on the brakes when driving, unless it is to avoid an accident. Normal driving conditions, make sure to coast to a stop sign or red light. This helps to conserve fuel and save money as well. By easing into a stop, it helps to reduce wear and tear on the tires and brakes as well. This will help save on repair costs and unexpected maintenance that would be needed. To help reduce the chance of having to slam on the brakes, drive slower when traffic is heavy or there are numerous stops.