cabin air filters

As we fight against the wrath of COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of air quality as well as disease control, is on our minds. Thus, opening up further importance of cabin air filter in your vehicle. Even though COVID-19 is not airborne, but other diseases are.

And, none of us knows what kind of pollutants are mixed with the air that we breathe from! However, with extensive usage, the life of your vehicle’s cabin air filter consistently deteriorates. Thus, minimizing its impact on your overall vehicle.

So, if you want to keep the air inside your vehicle clean and fresh, you must monitor your cabin air filter regularly. However, before you learn when you should change your cabin filter, let’s elaborate further on how important Cabin Air Filter is?

The Impact of Cabin Air Filters on your Vehicle’s Air Conditioners

Did you know that your vehicle’s engine has an air filter as well? This air filter protects your engine by all the debris and contaminants which could harm it. Similarly, a cabin air filter works the same way for Air Conditioners; by keeping out dirt and contamination from it.

The cabin air filter traps the contaminants inside the filter before they enter through it. Your car’s ventilation system counts on the cabin air filter to keep a steady flow of clean air throughout your drive.

Cabin Air Filter’s Impact on your Drive

Even though the cabin air filter is an essential element in your vehicle. But it doesn’t directly impact your vehicle’s drive. However, the cabin air filter shouldn’t be left behind, just because it doesn’t affect the performance of your vehicle.

In other words, if you leave your vehicle’s cabin air filter as it is, then it’ll cause problems to your HVAC track. Moreover, as time passes by, your clogged, damaged HVAC system will become a major repair issue; hence, causing you a fortune to repair.

When Should you Change your Cabin Air Filter?

Ideally, a cabin filter lasts for six months, depending on the distance you covered. So, most automobile mechanics suggest that you replace your cabin air filter during the time. Moreover, if you start to feel a musty stench, or you have trouble breathing inside your vehicle; then, its replacement time.

Although, we mentioned that the cabin air filter doesn’t necessarily affect the driving performance of your car. However, it can affect the overall system if not dealt with on time. So, you must keep on monitoring the cabin air filter consistently to avoid facing such a scenario.

You can also hire an expert to help you with this tricky situation! We, at Dunrite Automotive, not only provide you consult regarding the present state of your cabin air filter but incorporate a new one if needed. The best part is that you can acquire these services locally, right here in St Louis Park, MN.