School days bring a lot of traffic to the road. We have busses picking up passengers and other automobile vehicles are rushing their way to school before the school bell goes off. You will also find hurried parents making their way to drop off their kids before work. In order to avoid any mishaps here are some basics to back to school driving.


Since schools have started, people need to stay attentive while driving, especially during school hours. You will find kids running on the roads and ignoring traffic rules and signs. As a citizen, it is our responsibility to watch out for unexpected vehicles and pedestrians (primarily young children) coming our way.


As we age, our vision gradually becomes worse, which becomes more of a problem at night. It usually takes longer for eyes to adjust from bright to dim light.

Signs that indicate the trouble you have while driving at night is,

  • Needing to drive slowly
  • Difficulty with headlights
  • Struggling to see the street signs
  • Difficulty judging distance and speed
  • Difficulty seeing the lane markings

Here are things that you can do to make your navigation at night a little easy:

·      Clean Your Windows and Mirrors

A dirty windshield is not noticeable during the day but causes glare at night. Grime and dirt build up on the headlights. Get them checked and cleaned regularly and see a mechanic to upgrade bulbs and polish covers.

·      Do Not Look at Oncoming Headlights

As the oncoming traffic approaches you, it is best for you to keep your focus at the right-lane marking or just look right ahead of you and try not to look directly at the headlights.

·      Decrease Your Speed

If you have trouble seeing at night, reduce the speed of your car, it’s as easy as that.

·      Avoid Yellow-Tinted Glasses

Glasses with a tinted yellow hue are usually marketed as specialized night vision glasses that improve contrast and reduce the glare. However, there is a lack of evidence that they actually do that, since there are some that reduce the amount of light that enters the eye. The glasses, instead of making it easier to see, give the drivers a hard time.



  • As necessary, it is for people on the road to stay safe while driving near a bus, it is equally important to teach your kids some simple safety rules.
  1. Always be early for the bus
  2. Stay attentive and stand back from the curb
  3. Stay put in your seat
  4. Don’t yell or shout in the buss
  5. always wait for the driver’s signals
  • While exiting or getting off the bus remember
  1. Walk along the side of the road until you see your driver
  2. Look for traffic both ways
  3. Cross the road only when all the vehicles have stopped

Now that you know all about back to school driving, time for you to hire a professional to help you with your concern! Dunrite Automotive provides you with both experiences, and you can acquire these services right here in St Louis Park, MN. Let us help you!